These are the Entries born in the state of Georgia in the United States of America


  1. Alice Coachman, The First African American Woman to Earn an Olympic Gold Medal
  2. Biddy Mason, Former Slave Turned Real Estate Entrepreneur
  3. Deshauna Barber, Miss USA 2016 and US Army Reserve Logistics Commander
  4. Ellen Craft, Escaped Slave Who Later Wrote a Book About Her Journey
  5. Second Lieutenant Eugene Bullard, The First African American Combat Pilot
  6. Helen Longstreet, Wife of General James Longstreet and Advocate for Various Social Causes
  7. James Dunwoody Bulloch, Confederate Navy Foreign Spokesperson
  8. JonBenét Ramsey, Pageant Girl Remembered For Her Unsolved Murder
  9. Marla Maples, Actress and Television Personality
  10. Mary Ellen Pleasant, Entrepreneur and Abolitionist
  11. Mary Musgrove, Trader and Interpreter who Helped Found the Colony of Georgia
  12. Rosalynn Carter, First Lady of the United States of America
  13. Brigadier General Stand Watie, The Only Native American to Earn a General Rank in the War Between the States
  14. Susie King Taylor, the First African American Army Nurse in United States History